The REAL opportunity in NoCode

The real opportunity in the NoCode movement lies not so much in helping tech businesses validate ideas, but instead, helping non tech businesses become “tech enabled” businesses.

The REAL opportunity in NoCode
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Quick question -
How bullish are you on the “NoCode movement”
  1. It’s rad - lots of potential
  1. It’s a fad - will die down in a year
  1. It’s meh! - who cares
I’m extremely bullish on NoCode, but NOT for the conventional use case - that it can help you validate ideas quickly.
But instead for the less talked about use case that NoCode tools can actually help non-technical entrepreneurs run their businesses efficiently.
I will explain this with a couple of examples and share 2 ways you can benefit from the ongoing NoCode movement.
But first, I want to introduce you to NoCode MBA.

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Now, onto today’s topic -

This post will take 4 minutes to read, but if you only have 30 seconds, here’s what you can expect-
  • ✅ The Powerful use case for NoCode
  • 🤔 Building a “Tech Enabled” business
  • 👀 An example of how I am benefiting from NoCode
  • 📈 Opportunity for tech entrepreneurs
  • 👩‍🏫Opportunity for NoCode experts
  • 💪 Homework
  • 🔗 Super Links - Useful links you don’t want to miss
  • 🤗 How can I help?
Now let’s get into it -

✅ The powerful use case for NoCode

So earlier this week I tweeted out my NoCode stack for SuperFrameworks.
There are 7 tools that help me run this newsletter efficiently every week.
One Twitter user aptly pointed out that isn’t it better to just build a platform for yourself to do all of these 7 tasks instead of relying on so many different platforms. Isn’t that risky?
I thought about it for a bit, it did make sense in a way.
But I realized I just don’t have the skills, time or money to actually pull it off.
So I prefer sticking to this complex system that has evolved over time that helps me run this newsletter.
And therein lies the opportunity in the NoCode movement.
Not so much in helping tech businesses validate ideas, but instead, helping non tech businesses become “tech enabled” businesses.

🤔 Building a “Tech Enabled” Business

In the 21st century, even if every business is not a tech business, I’d argue that every business has to become a “tech enabled” business.
First, what’s the difference?
Here’s how I see it -
  • Tech Business - the core product is the technology you create. Examples - a blogging platform, a newsletter tool, a form builder. These businesses make money by selling access to niche technology.
  • Tech Enabled Business - the core product is your expertise, knowledge, network. But you need technology to build, grow and scale your business. Examples - a newsletter, an online community, a podcast, or an e-book or course.
Non tech businesses make money by selling non-tech products, but they rely heavily on technology to run efficiently.

👀 Example

A simple example of this is how I’ve setup on boarding for Indie Masterminds, there are 8 tools involved -
This entire on boarding flow works on auto-pilot 24*7 without any human intervention.
With 50+ members signed up so far, I think this has saved me at least 25+ hours.
Indie Masterminds isn’t a tech business, it’s a human business. It’s a group of people coming together and helping each other out.
But it becomes far more efficient because of the NoCode Tech behind it.
And THAT is the real power of NoCode.
More and more people around the world are taking up entrepreneurship today, but most of them aren’t software engineers. They can’t build a tech business easily.
But they are more likely to build a “tech enabled” business.
And that’s where I see the real opportunity in the NoCode space.

📈 Opportunities

There are 2 ways to benefit from this -

1. For Tech Entrepreneurs

Think about how you can help the millions of new “non-tech” entrepreneurs who will be starting out over the next 5 years.
Build tools for them, help them setup blogs, send newsletters, publish podcasts, sell merch, collect feedback, book calls, make logos, build audiences etc.
Solve a niche problem, for a niche audience.
Examples - Tally Forms, Carrd, Gumroad.

2. For No Code experts

If you have skills in the NoCode space, there are 3 ways you can use them -
  1. Teach others how to use NoCode tools effectively. There are large number of people who need NoCode education, and very few good quality educators. (*Seth Kramer does this with NoCode MBA)
  1. Help entrepreneurs launch projects quickly to validate ideas or to get eyeballs on their current projects. (Michael Novotny does this really well with his agency for Side Product Led growth)
  1. Help non-tech entrepreneurs make their business more efficient with the help of NoCode tools. (Mike Cardona is great at this with BusyToLeveraged)

💪 Homework

Finally, all of this is useless if you don’t do anything about it.
So do this -
  1. Think of ideas you can try in terms of building/teaching NoCode tools.
  1. Go ask one person if they would like to learn/use your tool.
  1. Build something that they find valuable.
  1. Get feedback, improve and then share it with more people.
I’d be happy to be your alpha tester if it helps me save time/money in any way. Hit reply or send me a DM on Twitter.
One last thing -
If you’re a non-tech entrepreneur, think how and which NoCode tools you can use to run your business efficiently.
Whatever problem you’re trying to solve, there’s a way to make the process efficient. And it will most likely cost less than the time you’re spending in solving that problem right now.
So learn and leverage NoCode.
Cheers 🙏

The original Tweet that started this conversation -

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