📺 3 Ways to showcase social proof

3 Fundamental ways to showcase social proof on a landing page

📺 3 Ways to showcase social proof
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So I’ve recently come up with a simple framework around how easy or difficult it is to sell anything online -
“The more trust you have, the less persuasion you have to do”
  • On landing pages, this means - the more social proof you have, the less copy you need to write.
  • During 1:1 sales calls, this means - the more trustworthy you are, the less “salesy” you have to act.
We’re all dealing with strangers on the internet here.
Your customers will only buy from you when they trust you.
So you need to “showcase” trust when you’re in any kind of a sales scenario.
You must explain to your prospects that you’re a reliable person and they can actually give you money to solve their problems.
Today I’ll dive deeper into 3 specific ways you can showcase trust on your landing pages.
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Jason is a master at his craft.
If you build Carrd sites, then his plugins are a must for you.
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Now, onto today’s topic -


Your customer testimonials are the best way to persuade prospects that you’re a legit value provider.
People say a lot that you should talk about the benefits of your product, not your features.
Which is true.
The real “benefits” can only be described by actual users of your product.
A happy customer’s words can make a powerful impact on a potential customer’s mind.
Much more powerful than any copywriting framework that you will ever use.
A great example of this is Justin Welsh’s LinkedIn course.
The landing page has almost no copy, but hundreds of testimonials that do all the selling for him.
notion image

🌟 Ratings

Ratings are all around us.
Whenever we buy something, we first check it’s reviews and ratings on independent review sites, and then make our decision.
True for smartphones, laptops, even movies and TV shows.
And it’s true for info products, courses and SaaS products as well.
So whenever you can, you must include some form of “star rating” on your landing page.
It works even if it’s NOT from an independent review site.
But of course, a third party approval adds so much more credibility.
Great example of this is the SaaS product Pulse from the company Proof.
It showcases it’s G2 and Capterra scores right into the first fold of it’s landing page. T
his can do wonders for your sales numbers.
notion image

🤩 Brand Associations

Trust is transferable (to an extent).
This means that if your products is trusted by popular brands, then you get to leverage their trust and make a solid impression with your prospects.
Simpler ways to do this are through testimonials and ratings.
But a powerful way to do this is by showcasing your most high profile customers on your landing page.
In most cases just a series of logos can be really powerful.
The video editing tool Veed does this really well.
With logos of companies like Meta, Netflix, Amazon, P&G and Hublot on it’s landing page.
notion image

Final Word

Humans are mimetic beings.
(Which is a fancy way of saying that we’re monkeys who desire what other monkey desire.)
And these methods are how you can showcase to your potential customers that your customers are just people like them. People who they trust and respect and admire.
This is how you get them to trust you and ultimately pay you.
Do try these methods of showcasing trust on your landing page, and let me know how it goes.
Cheers 🙌


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