Wacky Marketing Examples

Wacky Marketing Examples
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This is a fun one 😄
I’ve seen some strange marketing strategies over the years. They’re a mix of crazy, genius, and bizarre.
But they’re always effective.
Today I’ll share 3 wacky marketing strategies I’ve seen entrepreneurs use in recent times. It will be a ton of fun.
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Now, onto the wacky marketing examples -

Pick a fight

Pick a fight with someone.
This works great when you’re launching something new.
  • Pick your biggest competitor
  • And publicly take them on.
  • Make them the villain.
Audience loves a nice David-Goliath story. They love to suppor the underdog. So become an underdog, pick beef the biggest player in your indsutry.
Andrew Gazdecki did this brilliantly when he launched his publicaiton Bootstrappers.com and publicly took on Techcrunch.
The highlight was when he got the actor Chris Diamantopoulos (from the show Sillicon Valley) to make a short 1 minute video promoting bootstrappers and taking on Techcrunch.
This is crazy funny, it’s beef marketing at it’s best 🤣
Watch the whole thing and read the thread under it -

Be Hillarious

Be so bad that it’s good.
Andrey Azimov is one of my favorite indie hackers. His Product Hunt launches are always an event. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, but always entertaining.
That’s why he gets so much attention.
This one was my favorite -
You won’t be able to stop laughing if you watch this video 😆

Give free airport rides 😳

Nick Gray does this.
He wrote a book called “the 2 hour part cocktail party”.
It’s hard to connect with influential people to promote the book. They’re busy, their inbox is flooded with networking requests, they don’t have time for you.
But they do have to get home from the airport.
So Nick reaches out to them and offers to pick them up from the airport.
He then gets them to take a selfie with a copy of his book and post it online.
Great way to make a connection and promote his book.
Here’s who Nick has given rides to so far -
notion image
He’s written a great post about this recently, do give it a read -

Honest reflections on audience building

I have tweeted every single day for the last 2 years
I was sold on the “build an audience, and sell to them” idea very early on
Too early I think
This journey has been a rollercoaster - full of wins and losses, big and small.
I wrote a thread diving deep into my experience, and shared some controversial opinions on these topics -
  • Picking a niche
  • Staying consistent
  • Dopamine addiction
  • Making connections
  • Documenting vs Showcasing

Build for “someone’s” mom

This is so insightful.
Someone on Indie Hackers asked how to come up with new ideas to build.
And Andrew Kamphey posted a brilliant reply to them -
notion image
Take a minute to process this advice.
This is also related to a recent post I wrote - Don’t scratch your own itch.

The Cowards Never Started!

Love this quote from the book Shoe Dog -
“The cowards never started and the weak died along the way. That leaves us, ladies and gentlemen. Us.” - Phil Knight, founder of Nike
Do read the book if you get a chance. It’s an inspiration!
notion image

That's it for today folks. Hope you found this useful.
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