$8K MRR SaaS with THIS framework

Scratch someone else’s itch

$8K MRR SaaS with THIS framework
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Lukas Hermann is going to build a $100M year a business.. One day.
He has an amazing thread where he lays out the exact plan of how he’s going to do it.
Right now he is just crossed $8K MRR with his SaaS business.
Love his framework for picking business ideas - Scratch someone else’s itch.
Lukas is the co-founder of StageTimer.
It’s a simple solution to a painful problem. It helps event hosts run a remote-controlled timer for their presenters and speakers.
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  • Check out more details about StageTimer on it’s website.
  • Listen to Lukas and his wife Liz’s story of building StageTimer and growing it to $8K MRR on the indie hackers podcast.
  • Get inspired by this incredible thread where Lukas lays out his master plan of building a $100M business.
At the heart of his masterplan is a simple framework - “I want to scratch other people’s itch, not mine”
Simple yet powerful.
It’s okay to solve your own problems, but it’s way more important to solve other people’s problems. Keep that in mind next time you evaluate a new business idea.

My failure to build a ghostwriting business

Last year I built a one person ghostwriting agency.
Ran it for a 6 months, grew it to $10K+ and then shut it down. Here’s why I failed and why you should NOT become a ghostwriter…
Read the full post -

Put more buy buttons on the internet.

Learn from Pieter, he’s the GOAT of indie hacking.
Last week Pieter Levels shared the revenue from 6 of his current projects -
  • Photo AI - $56K MRR
  • Interior AI - $46K MRR
  • Nomadlist - $35K MRR
  • RemoteOK - $24K MRR
  • Make book - $12K MRR
  • Rebase - $3.2K MRR
Longer discussion in this Tweet.
This is a great example of putting more buy buttons on the internet. Last week’s post was about this idea, do read it if you haven’t already.

Don’t ever ask this question to anyone

“Do you think this is a good idea?” is the worst question to ask a potential customer.
Only the market can tell if an idea is good or bad. Everything else is just opinion.
From The Mom Test -
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