$24K MRR - Simple Analytics tool

How Simple Analytics reached $24K MRR with a privacy friendly analytics solution

$24K MRR - Simple Analytics tool
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SimpleAnalytics is a privacy first analytics solution doing $24K MRR.
And it has a very simple growth strategy -
  • Word of mouth
  • SEO
  • Social
Even in a competitive market, it doesn't have to be complicated 🤷‍♂️
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You can build a product that does everything for everyone. But then it will be a product that does nothing for no one.
The simplest way to make sure your product matters, and can stand out in a crowded market, is to make it for someone.
Someone very specific - 1 ideal user.
To make sure it’s for someone very specific, you have to introduce angles in your product based on what the ideal user cares about.
So SimpleAnalytics is an analytics solution.
It’s for a user who cares about the privacy of their users, and simplicity of use.
2 angles - Privacy and Simplicity
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As Adriaan (the founder) mentions here, the angles came from what he himself deeply cared about.
So you can definitely build something for yourself. But to grow, you just need to make sure that there are enough other people in the world who care about what you care about.


Word of mouth and social media have been the top growth channels for SimpleAnalytics since the initial days.
And these channels work best when you can build trust with your audience.
The best ways to build trust?
Be open!
Be transparent with how you operate your business, about how you build your product, how you do marketing, and even how much money you make.
That’s exactly what Adriaan has been doing since the beginning.
He’s been building in public for the last 5 years!
This post is from 2018 -
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Simple SEO

SimpleAnalytics has a simple SEO strategy.
Write content that solves problems for your ideal users.
This is a great way to start with SEO -
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As I tweeted a while ago, if you’re a low ticket SaaS, then SEO is your best strategy to grow sustainably in the long term.
Especially because you can’t invest in expensive growth channels like paid ads or 1:1 sales.
The SimpleAnalytics blog is a great example of how to get high intent, organic traffic to your product.

Top Lessons -

Top Lessons from SimpleAnalytics -
  • You CAN take on large incumbents, but to stand out your product needs angles
  • It’s okay to scratch your own itch, build for yourself. But to grow, make sure there are enough people in the world who share your pain.
  • Word of mouth and social media are a great way to grow early on. SEO is crucial for long term traffic.
  • You need trust for WoM and social media to grow.
  • Trust comes from transparency!
  • Simple SEO strategy - Write content that solves a problem for your ideal users.

Further Reading -

Make sure you follow the SimpleAnalytics founders Adriaan and Iron on Twitter.
Cheers 🙌

First 3 months checklist

Made a rough "first 3 months checklist" for anyone starting out with their first startup idea.
Follow this step and step and you reduce your odds of failure.
One caveat -
IF you have a huge audience, you can skip the first 2 steps probably.
Your audience can tell you the pains + gaps.
But that is the only thing an audience can do.
Everything else we all have to do.
Doesn't matter if you have 100 followers or 100K.
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From the vault -

3 random post from the Superframeworks archives -

Useful links you don't want to miss -
Last week’s top link -

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