❤️ $5800+ MRR Auto Swiping Tinder

How Auto Swiper reached $5800 MRR

❤️ $5800+ MRR Auto Swiping Tinder
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Auto Swiper is a simple Chrome Extension.
It auto swipes on dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid etc. It helps people generate hundreds of swipes on auto pilot, based on preset conditions.
It’s 1 simple screen + rules based processing.
And it’s doing $5800 MRR 🚀
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Value Proposition

Auto Swiper’s value proposition is obvious and very clear from the landing page - “Less time swiping, more time dating”
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You can set the rules for the kind of person you’re looking for on a platform, do your work in one tab, and let the Chrome extension run in a separate tab.
Within an hour it will go through hundreds of profiles, swiping left or right, based on the rules you’ve set.

Customer Satisfaction

Andreas Reinhold, the founder of the Auto Swiper, has been building the product as a side project since May 2022. He started with a free extension with limited functionality, and added premium features over time, as he’s received feedback and testimonials from users.
Andreas has built the product closely with this ideal users, and know exactly what they want.
Which is why he gets reviews like this one - “This app GETS ME LAID A LOT with minimal effort!”
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Growing Market

Often, your success doesn’t depend just on your idea, but also on the market you’re operating in. If you’re part of growing market, you can do well even with an average product.
With more and more noise growing on dating apps these days, it becomes harder and harder to find the person that’s right for you.
That’s why google searches for the keyword “Tinder Auto Swipe” have been growing steadily.
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This volume is not very high, but it’s stable enough to build an indie product around.
And it’s especially powerful if you build a chrome extension, because then your Chrome Webstore listing captures the top spot for that keyword -
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Auto Swiper has grown organically via the Chrome Webstore listing so far.
The challenge with this approach is that you become dependent on a single channel too much, and a single regulatory event can cause major harm in your business.
Still, there’s huge potential in building browser plugins.

Top Lessons from Auto Swiper’s success

  • Build something people want! Something that helps people with their health, their wealth, or their relationships. Auto-Swiper falls in the 3rd category.
  • Start small, and grow with customer feedback.
  • Provide excellent customer service. That is the best way to retain customers in a competitive market and a commodity product.
  • Build in a growing market. A rising tide, lifts all boats.
  • Build where there is already traffic - marketplaces like Chrome Webstore, or iOS app store, or Udemy/Amazon for info products, or platforms like AppSumo for SaaS products.

Further Reading -

Simple Not Easy

Came across this HackerNews post a few days ago.
Where someone shared their frustrations and failure to build an indie business. And how they wre giving up entrepreneurship because they couldn’t find success following in the footsteps on digital nomad/ indie hacker influencers on Twitter.
I have strong opinions on this.
I think most influencers in the “make money online niche” make simple things sound easy.
Building a business is very simple - solve a painful problem, charge people money for it.
But it’s not easy.
It can take years of trial and error to find a problem worth paying for.
I sort of went viral on Twitter couple of days ago.

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