$19K MRR - Simple “Link in Bio” tool

$19K MRR - Simple “Link in Bio” tool
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Liinks is a simple "Link in Bio" tool doing $19K monthly recurring revenue. - No funding - Solo founder - Built as a side project Top lesson from it’s success?
  • You don't need a novel idea.
  • You just need to build something people want 🤷‍♂️
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When I tweeted this out the other day, everyone was confused what’s their moat?
How is he able to stand out in a crowded market? With giants such as Linktree in the game.
I tried to dig deep and did some research. Here’s what I found -
  • Users love the design and customizations that Liinks offers.
  • They like that it’s much cheaper than the major competitors
  • Standard advice people give is - “charge more”, but you look at situations like this and realise that charging less can also be a competitive advantage.
  • Most of Liinks users come from Instagram, and it has built some cool features just for IG users. Makes it very niche only for that audience.
Especially love the “Auto add links in instagram posts” feature.
I haven’t seen any other link in bio tool offer this feature. Basically, if you mention a URL in your IG post caption, it will get automatically posted on your Liinks profile.
This is how they explain it on their website -
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This is genius!
It might seem trivial for non IG users, but for IG influencers, this is such a life saver.
This makes your link in bio page so dynamic. Normally, your page would be a static list of links.
But when you start to pull in links from IG captions, the link in bio page can become a dynamic feed of it’s own.
I’m sure their power users would love this feature.
Next, when Liinks reached $1000 MRR, it’s founder Charlie Clark wrote a post on Indie Hackers.
This is the highlight for me from that post -
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As an indie hacker, the best way to stand out from the big players is by building relationships with your customers.
That’s something the big players can’t replicate!
3 things stood out when I read 29 user reviews of Liinks on the comparison website SaaSworthy -
  • People loved the design and customizations.
  • They appreciated the connection and care.
  • AND they liked that the price was affordable compared to LinkTree
This review stands out -
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Last month Liinks hit $20K MRR, with 4200 subscribers. Liinks founder Charlie wrote a thread with his top takeaways. It’s worth a read.
Check out Liinks homepage, and make sure you follow Charlie on Twitter.

Are you ready to be ridiculed?

I see a lot of fear in new entrepreneurs around marketing. I used to be like that. I could only overcome that fear of marketing through a lot of trial and errors, iterations and failures.
But last week, I read a piece by Mark Manson and realised that my fear of marketing was just a version of “what will people think of me”.
And once I was able to get rid of that thought, I became way more comfortable with marketing.
Mark Manson says, if you find yourself caring too much about what people think, you should find something that’s truly important to you. Something you’re ready to be ridiculed for.
If you can find something like that, then you will never worry what people think.
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My version of that insight is -
If your business is really important to you, you will never fear marketing it 🤷‍♂️

Stop learning, start acting

If you find yourself taking too many courses, but taking too less action, you are just wasting your time.
From the book “Hell Yeah, or NO” by Derek Sivers -
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Think about it.
As I’ve said before, you don’t need to buy another course. You need to take action.

That's it for today folks. Hope you found this useful.
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