$700K a Year with SEO

How MySignature reached $700K ARR

$700K a Year with SEO
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MySignature is an email signature generating tool that does $700K annual recurring revenue.
  • Bootstrapped
  • Profitable
  • Simple solution to a painful problem
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MySignature helps solopreneurs, small and medium businesses create customized, on-brand signatures to use in their professional emails.
Along with creating email signatures, it also helpls with tracking and analytics of your emails. So your signature acts as a tracker + a space to promote your brand.
This is a painful enough problem that SMBs don’t mind paying money for.
But MySginature seems like a simple product, and easy to copy.
And it is..
But the real game is of retention. Once a user starts using email signature created using MySignature, they’re not likely to churn away.
Because, the moment you cancel, all your links and images in your previous emails stop working.
This is from MySignature’s FAQs -
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So it has retention built in.


Email signature is a high volume keyword on search engines. I found these keywords doing my research, and MySignature ranks in the top 5 results for all of them -
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MySignature has followed a very simple yet powerful SEO strategy -
  • Create great content optimized for Google
  • Build relevant back links
  • Keep the site well optimized
That’s how they get such results -
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I’m working on a deep dive report on MySginature’s SEO strategy for the Indie Masterminds community members.
If you want to go deeper and apply it to your own business, then make sure to sign up this weekend. I’ll publish the report next week.

Key Metrics -

This is what MySignature’s key metrics look like -
Notice the low churn and high monthly traffic.
Perfect recipe for a profitable bootstrapped SaaS business.
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Vol Zastavny, the founder of MySignature, shared all these details in a recent interview to starter story.
He shared many lessons from his 8 year old journey of building multiple businesses. The ones that stood out to me -
  • It's always better to start, make, and test than theorize things. Sometimes we spend too much time discussing things, but we could see actual results and stop any further discussions.
  • Don't listen to anyone - just start your thing. If I cared about what other people thought about my idea, I would never have started my own business. The best time to start was yesterday. So start today!
  • One of the marketing advice would be to invest in SEO at earlier stages. SEO remains one of the most important acquisition channels bringing warm leads who are looking for solutions to their problem. Moreover, having top positions in search will have a snowball effect.
  • Join communitities, build relationships and network with other founders
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Further Reading -

Read the full interview on Starter Story -

1 year of “co-foundering”

Last week I crossed 1 year of joining my co-founder to working on our tiny AI micro-SaaS
Since then -
  • Our MRR 6xed
  • Traffic 3xed
  • Our team has 2xed
It’s been an amazing experience.
I shared all my lessons in this tweet.
  • Alignment in Values
  • Complimentary Skill Sets
  • Breaking Conventions
And lots more…
Do check it out, it might be useful if you’re early in your journey.
And feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need any help.

From the vault -

3 random post from the Superframeworks archives -

Useful links you don't want to miss -
Last week’s top link -

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