$106K MRR - Upwork Lead Gen tool

$106K MRR - Upwork Lead Gen tool
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Gigradar is an lead generation tool for Upwork agencies.
It’s making $106 MRR.
Top lessons from it’s success -
  • Your product doesn't have to solve every problem for everyone.
  • It has to solve 1 problem for 1 user persona.
  • Don't build a vitamin for the masses.
  • Build a painkiller for the elites.
This is their revenue chart on Indie Hackers -
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What does Gigradar do?
It helps freelance agencies find and close jobs on Upwork.
It doesn’t help ALL freelancers. It doesn’t work on ALL platforms.
It’s NOT a “comprehensive tool” that does everything.
  • 1 problem, for 1 persona. That’s it
This is how their founder described it when he was building it in the early days -
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This is from their landing page -
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Upwork is a freelance marketplace for companies to hire freelancers and agencies for their projects.
Gigradar is a SaaS tool built on TOP of work. It searches for, and applies for jobs that fit your requirement.
It’s for premium agencies looking for clients on the Upwork platform.
According to it’s latest financial reports, $1 Billion worth of services are sold via Upwork every quarter.
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That means all the freelancers and agencies on Upwork service jobs worth $4 Billion on the platform ever year.
Gigradar is a perfect example of going where money is already changing hands and inserting yourself in the transaction.
This framework is common across successful products.
They don’t build a dam in the desert. They go where the river is already flowing, and build a dam on top of it 🤷‍♂️
Next time you think of a new idea, understand the flow of money and see what ideas you can build around that.

Build extensions

Gigradar is an extensio of Vadym and Max (the founders) existing service business Scalifier.
Under scalifier, they help agencies find and close clients from Upwork.
So these guys know the platform quite well, they have been solving the “find and close clients” problem for agencies already. Just that it was a manual process.
With Gigradar, they converted their knowledge into code, and turned it into a SaaS.
If you’re an expert in one topic, if you know how to solve one painful problem in a repeatable manner, then build more products and services that extend that expertise.
You can read the launch process behind Gigradar on their Indie Hackers page.
And also read Vadym’s thread - top 10 lessons from reaching $10K MRR
Hope you found this useful.
Cheers 🙌

User owns the problem

But YOU own the solution.
Their was a conversation on Twitter about “talking to users and building products” can lead to many weird features and Frankenstein products that become unusable.
There is a little nuance here that needs to be captured.
I think you should always talk to users as much as possible.
But you should never ask them for the solution. Only ask about their problem, and then build a solution to in your own vision.

The most sustainable source of funding?

This is brilliant from Andrew Gazdecki’s book “Getting Acquired” -
notion image
Focus on the customers, the rest will take care of itself!

That's it for today. Hope you found this useful.
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